The Serpent’s Blade

The Serpent’s Blade is a middle grade fiction novel written by Jason VanHorn.

With classes in weapons, martial arts, and secret codes, fourteen-year-old Alabaster Dangermond has spent the last five years training at a clandestine CIA prep school toward his ultimate goal—to become a real CIA secret agent.

Before his next training mission and the all-important Agent Trials, he receives a mysterious email with a video showing the murder of his parents. Thinking they died in a car crash when he was seven, Al is consumed by questions.

Will Alabaster Dangermond pass the Agent Trials and find the answers he seeks surrounding the mystery of his parents’ tragic death years ago? Join Al and his friends as he unknowingly steps deeper into a web of deception to find everything he once thought true of his life turned upside down.

Release Date: March 6th, 2018 in paperback and eBook by Goldenwood Press

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Alabaster Dangermond and the Serpent's Blade Cover | Copyright 2018 Jason VanHorn

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