Gadgets of All Kinds



SECRETS: (1) Writes, (2) Stun Darts, (3) Melts Metal, (4) Bomb

Pen | Licensed to Jason VanHorn

SECRETS: (1) 4000lb limit (2) Temperature Resistance Range: -196C to 625C

Rope | Licensed to Jason VanHorn

SECRETS: Loaded with weapons & gadgets, this motorcycle is for advanced riders only

Motorcycle | Licensed to Jason VanHorn


Property of Jason VanHorn

Want to suggest a gadget or weapon for Alabaster Dangermond and Turnkey? Send a direct communication to Mary-Anne here! (Must have parent/guardian or teacher permission to submit.)

You should find your submission below within 24 hours.


November 21, 2022 by Code Name: Angel Crusher, age 13
Name of Gadget/Weapon: 4-Way Pen
Gadget/Weapon Description:Catalog number: 1-023
Level of danger:10
Secrets:(1)writes,(2) stun darts, (3) melt’s metal, (4) bomb

August 3, 2020 by Code Name: BB, age 6
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Grand Pillow
Gadget/Weapon Description: The grand pillow is not a pillow at all it is a log that is a gun that can shoot stuff like bullets.

May 14, 2020 by Code Name: @_@, age 16+
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Cow Bomb
Gadget/Weapon Description: This bomb is secretly deployed on farms. One might say it’s a weapon of udder destruction. 😉

May 4, 2020 by Code Name: vapergirl256, age 8
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Bomb
Gadget/Weapon Description: This bomb blows up, when you want it to.

April 20, 2020 by Code Name: Codeman789, age 9
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Lava gun
Gadget/Weapon Description: It shots lava and is great!!!!

March 19, 2020 by Code Name: XlarkBoy, age 12
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Baby Shark
Gadget/Weapon Description: A plush baby shark song puppet that when you open and close it’s mouth it will bite anything in front of it and is super strong.

April 7, 2019 by Code Name: m&m, age 8
Name of Gadget/Weapon: BOOM Lock
Gadget/Weapon Description: A BOOM lock is an attachment to a gun. The BOOM lock needs special bullets. When the bullet is shot the BOOM lock catches the bullet shell than when the shell gets in the BOOM lock, the BOOM lock lights an explosive in the shell. If you shoot the gun again you have 7 sec. in till it goes BOOM.

April 7, 2019 by Code Name: black wilf, age 10
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Screen Gloves
Gadget/Weapon Description: Screen gloves can create a green holographic screen it can send and receive messages, locate enemy forces it has a map, you can connect cameras to it, and best of all you can control weapons and hack into enemy weapons. It has to be pushed against a wall it can expand to as big as you want. when you’re finished you connect the screen back to the gloves and then make it as small as 3 inches long and wide then it disappears if you put your gloves 4 inches away from each other the screen will reappear.

March 25, 2019 by Code Name: Dog1895$, age 9
Name of Gadget/Weapon: The cool watch
Gadget/Weapon Description: It can translate anything, even animals. It has a little gun at the front of it and can turn in to a skateboard. It can also turn in to a drone. My name is L. M. from Spangdahlem elementary and you’re coming to our library in April.

February 22, 2019 by Code Name: Wildeyes, age 11
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Deadly Chopsticks
Gadget/Weapon Description: Bamboo chopsticks look plain, but with the touch of spit from your mouth a deadly toxin is released. Not recommended for eating if you value your life.

September 1, 2018 by Code Name: Mymus, age 8
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Force Gloves
Gadget/Weapon Description: Tapping the back of either glove projects a focused force field wherever the palms of the gloves are facing up to 50 feet, enabling the user to “hold” and move objects up to 1 ton in weight.

May 29, 2018 by Code Name: Agent Renjamin, age 8
Name of Gadget/Weapon: poison-proof shirt
Gadget/Weapon Description: Shirt that allows you to be in poison for one hour. Be careful though. If you get a single step while making it wrong, you’ll die as soon as you usually would without the shirt.

May 17, 2018 by Code Name: Sky Super, age 11
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Toaster
Gadget/Weapon Description: The toaster gives advice to Al as he makes decisions

May 17, 2018 by Code Name: Mugglepuff, age 11
Name of Gadget/Weapon: The Anything Box
Gadget/Weapon Description: The Anything Box is a stainless steel cube that once you press the correct number combination will then open up. Once it is open you can say exactly what you want and it will quickly transform into whatever you said. This would be helpful, because agents might forget to bring lets say a flamethrower, but with this gadget it turns into one with ease.

May 17, 2018 by Code Name: Marcos Barja, age 13
Name of Gadget/Weapon: nintendo 15ds
Gadget/Weapon Description: Catalogue number:6423876521, Danger Level: 9
Secrets: 1) It can detect nuclear bombs, 2) It can shoot the pencil, 3) once you shoot the pencil, it releases a sleeping gas, 4)Can throw a needle like bullet and let’s you control them with the Nintendo like if you were playing Mario, 5) records conversations

May 16, 2018 by Code Name: Secret Saracha, age 10
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Explosive diamond
Gadget/Weapon Description: The diamond can blow up when it senses bad guys or any type of dangerous weapon other than it self.

May 14, 2018 by Code Name: 228904dog, age 9
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Bombcycle
Gadget/Weapon Description:1) It turns invisible and the rider too.
2) Missiles pop out of the side.
4) There is a screen on the panel.
5) It can carry 4 swords.
6) It bounces like a kangaroo.

May 14, 2018 by Code Name: Omega, age 10
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Electo Ring
Gadget/Weapon Description: The Ring is made of obsidian, so metal detectors can’t sense it. If you tap the top of the Ring twice a laser pops up and shoots. If you hold the middle down for 3 seconds a long knife comes out the side. Last you can shoot 3 pill sized poisonous bombs by sliding your finger across the Ring.

May 12, 2018 by Code Name: Graydog, age 12
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Boogie bomb
Gadget/Weapon Description: By throwing the bomb you can make your enemy start dancing for no reason

May 12, 2018 by Code Name: Bandito, age 8
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Lawn mower
Gadget/Weapon Description: Lawn mower also has a computer that can do cool things

May 11, 2018 by Code Name: Agent Quarrel, age 15
Name of Gadget/Weapon: dart bracelet
Gadget/Weapon Description: So the dart bracelet looks just like a normal two-millimeter-thick bracelet, but when you tap it it extends a long arm with a blowgun at the end. There is always a dart in it, so you just blow into the blowgun and it shoots the dart (it is diamond-coated and has sleeping gas on it.) into your target.

May 10, 2018 by Code Name: Maxxycool, age 9
Name of Gadget/Weapon: high tech dentistry braces
Gadget/Weapon Description: Braces that can hack enemy phone calls but they don’t know that you’re listening. It is also non magnetic just incase you go undercover and the enemy has a security.

May 9, 2018 by Code Name: agent rhino, age 10
Name of Gadget/Weapon: ink pen
Gadget/Weapon Description: Don’t let it’s looks fool you. tap the end and in 5 seconds it will explode ink blinding them perfect to attack. tap the tip and it shoots out 5 homing darts. making them fall asleep. if touched by the enemy it sets the area around them on fire. And the pen blows up. push it on a building it blows a hole in any building. tap the clip and burning hot electric wire shoots out. perfect for raiding the enemy base. And easily multiplied.

May 9, 2018 by Code Name: P2208, age 9
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Bomb field
Gadget/Weapon Description: This awesome gadget is like a tiny ball but has all sorts of stuff inside if you drop it behind your back. If you drop it behind your back there is giant wall that covers every part of your body on the outside of it there are 50 tiny bombs witch explode immediately after it covers every part of your body and this bomb field lasts 5 minutes until turn back into the ball. You can use this 10 times and then it will automatically disappear and you can make it buy putting bombs and baking soda. But the most important part about making it is that you fold up a force field.

May 9, 2018 by Code Name: Agent Jason, age 14
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Top Hat
Gadget/Weapon Description: The top hat has 4 ways that it can help you. 1. In the front of the hat it has a camera/recorder. All you need to do to activate it is press the front of the little camera and to turn it off you click it again. 2. In the hat their is a secret are were you can place a small gun. 3. when you press a button on the side a pair of goggles will come down and you put the on you face. The goggles are also night vision. The goggles have a secret in them to. the press the right eye goggle it turns into a gas mask. (also night vision) 4. it will also have a little pocket on the outside of the hat. you can store a pen/pencil and a small note book. and/or other materials that fit in it.

May 8, 2018 by Code Name: harrypotter0145, age 9
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Bomb Pen
Gadget/Weapon Description: The bomb pen can write but, you have to push it 2 times not one or else it will EXPLODE !!!!! It can also choke you with toxic gas, make a laser that burns your eyes, and smokes gas that kills you.

May 8, 2018 by Code Name: Dog/, age 9
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Football Legend
Gadget/Weapon Description: You throw a football and it turns into a legendary football player who tackles the villain and you have Mario cart 8 also has little drones and this is done with your iPads

Name of Gadget/Weapon: Wolf Attack
Gadget/Weapon Description: You yell wolf and two wolves come out and shoot the bad guy with a machine gun made with football teams and you can put your favorite team with a money dispenser

May 8, 2018 by Code Name: Agent Ary, age 11
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Electro Magnetics
Gadget/Weapon Description: These things are microscopic, but DEADLY do not underestimate these things they can 1(Choke you) 2( Cut You) 3(Shoot Lazar)
Very Small

May 7, 2018 by Code Name: t-bone, age 9
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Laser Beam
Gadget/Weapon Description: Shoots laser beam out of thingy on wrist.

May 3, 2018 by Code Name: Agent Renjamin, age 10
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Machine Knifle
Gadget/Weapon Description: A mixture of a knife and a machine gun, a rifle, and a knife.

April 12, 2018 by Code Name: Ace, age 13
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Plaster Boots
Gadget/Weapon Description: Boots that allow the user to run up walls and onto ceilings.

March 11, 2018 by Code Name: Crookshanks, age 11
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Coating Fluid
Gadget/Weapon Description: Coating Fluid is an ivory colored substance that is kept in a small bottle small enough to fit in your pocket. If you pour the Coating Fluid onto your opponent, within five seconds the fluid will expand and completely cover him/her. Almost instantaneously after that, it will harden and leave you with basically a statue of your enemy so that you can bring he/she back to your base to investigate (or do whatever else you would like with them). Somehow the Coating Fluid fills with air bubbles so that when it hardens, your opponent can still breathe and won’t suffocate. (Don’t ask me how that could be possible, just ask Mary Anne and see if she can come up with something.) 🙂

March 15, 2017 by Konstantina A., age Classified
Name: Spy Diamond Ring
Catalog number: ka-5363
Level of Danger: 6
5) if you press the diamond it is a voice recorder
4) if you are in the dark a flashlight comes out
3) if you press the diamond 5 times you can take a picture of documents
2 if you press the diamond 10 times it has amazing snapchat filters
1)it is pretty and matches with EVERYTHING

March 15, 2017 by Thomas M., age Classified
Gadget: Compunator
Catalogue Number: T13M2544
Level of Danger: 10
Secrets: 1} It can record conversation, 2} It can take pictures and upload them, 3} It can control a missile that is fired from the right side of the gadget, 4} A silenced minigun can fold out from  the left side of it, 5} Toxic gas can be send out around the edges of the gadget, 6} If you hold the shift button down and press a letter, you will get a perfect capitalized letter, 7} It is extremely good for doing L.A. homework.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Hug A Bear If You Dare
Catalogue number:007-151416
Level of danger:10
Secrets:1(pull ear and blows up) 2 (hug it, it gets spikes and
detonates anything in its path) 3( i hug him and you go to sleep and
then he snuggles you to death) 4(its eyes are cameras, with x-ray
night vision) 5( his right paw will shoot out teddy dust that will knock
you out instantly) 6(his left paw shoots out deadly poisonous gummie
bears 7( give him a kiss and he freezes your face

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name:Invisible White out
Catalog Number: Tsrpu-5972
Level Of Danger: 10
Secrets: 1- It is able to record conversations and take pictures of the documents. 2- If you shake
the bottle for 10 seconds and drink it you will be invisible. 3- If you hit it at a surface it will
explode after 5 seconds. 4- If you shake the bottle for 3 seconds you will have a poison to put
on a meal or drink. 5- If you push the button under the bottle 5 times it will turn into a gun.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: tic tacs of doom
Catalogue number: 112155462
Secrets–has bombs if you throw red one,the whites are poison,and
the other ones are yummy .

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name:Suffu Pillow
Catalog number: 123-543 xz
Level of danger: 9
Secrets:1)can suffocate you in your sleep(2) Can explode
if it is very warm 3) Can make holograms to scare your
mind and kill you

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Recon-Book
Catalogue number:11-13-24-VN
Danger Level: 8
Secrets:1)Records things 2)Walks 3)If detected, releases
sleeping gas

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Grapple Pen
Catalogue number: 007-6335
Level of danger: 10
Secrets: 1) Can shoot out missiles from end 2) Has a grappling hook on the back 3)Can
send out toxic spikes 4) Reads fingerprint from side 5) Sends out mustard gas from
inside if fingerprint is wrong 6) Is a good writing pen.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
NAME: Insta-Web
CATALOG NUMBER: 01110011-01110000-01101001-01100100-01100101-01110010
SECRETS: (3) 1. Spider web. Includes small metal ball and small remote with two
buttons. Ball is thrown and if button one is pressed while in midair, sticky web twenty
feet long will burst out of the metal ball, blocking any passages behind you. I.e. being
chased down a hallway and blocking the path. 2. Electricity. Anyone who touches the
web will be electrocuted. 3. Bomb. If you need to cover up evidence or make a quick
getaway, pressing button number two will detonate the metal ball, killing anyone in close

March 15, 2017 by Priscilla K., age Classified
Gadget Name: Killer Nails (Fake Fingernails)
Catalogue Number: h23452K78
Danger Level: 10
Secret 1: Gold Nail:Does Background Check and Kills Foes | Press 10 seconds on Gold Nail
Secret 2: Jewels:X- Ray Scanner | Press on 2 Jewels at Same Time
Secret 3: Clear Nail:Turns to Boy Nail | Pull On Edge of Clear Nail
Secret 4: Length:Grows into Wolver ine Na ils | Touch Pinkie
Secret 5: Purple Nail:Changes You Into Another Person | Press on Nail and Say Person
Secret 6: Heart Nails:Makes You Disappear or Reappear | Do Heart Sign Around Heart Nail
Secret 7: Green Nails:Shoots Lava, Electricity, and Water | Double Tap Green Nail
Secret 8: Blue Nail:Turns Into Any Weapon | Click on Blue Nail and Say Weapon

March 15, 2017 by Karena W., age Classified
Name: Flower seed Pen!
Catalog Number: xj-212121
Level of Danger: 10
Secrets: (9)
● Hold down the clicker for a Voice recorder;
● For a Camera Click the Clicker twice;
● For a Phone Press the hanger thing;
● For a stun gun twist to the left once;
● Click the pen once for a Poisonous needles;
● ( toxic)Poisonous gas coming from the clicker
twist to the left 4 times;
● Acid that shoots out click it once like a normal
● Great writing pen.
● If you click it more than 3 times on an even
number it blows up but if you click it on an odd
number your safe.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Gadget name: Nintendo 4DS
Catalogue number:6423876521
Danger Level: 9
Secrets: 1) It can detect nuclear bombs, 2) It can shoot
the pencil, 3) once you shoot the pencil, it releases a
sleeping gas, 4)Can throw a needle like bullet and let’s
you control them with the Nintendo like if you were
playing Mario, 5) records conversations, 6) you can
play Legend of Zelda.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: The Seeker
Catalog number:212121213791
Danger level: 4
Secrets: Concealed in a mobile phone the seeker takes
a picture of a prisoner and reads there facial expressions to tell if they are
lying or not.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Stalker Pill
Catalog number:424242428283
Danger level: 10
Secrets: A small pill with a tracker inside and is activated from a separate
controller that has up to forty miles for the tracker to work. A second ability
is that if the agent is within 50 feet of the target they can
set off a deadly neurotoxin harvested from deadly

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Tactically Married
Catalog number: 17382529
Danger level: 9
Secrets: A small customized ring with two slots, one for a non-lethal poison
called copper sulfate that induces diarrhea the
second slot has thousands of micro
cameras can be spread across targets
home. Third the jewel turns and becomes a

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Deceiving Bottle
Catalog number: DB-1391
Level of danger: 5
Secrets: (1) opens up so you can hide anything in it (2) prevents ex-ray so they can’t see
anything in it (3) has a water chamber in it so from the top it looks like it is a normal water bottle.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Hulk Pill
Catalog Number: HP-937865
Danger Level: 9
Secrets: (1) If consumed will be transformed into a
Hulk-like creature (2) Has a microchip implant so if the
wrong person consumes it a sulfuric acid will be released.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Holo-man
Catalog Number: HM-123457
Danger Level: 4
Secrets: (1) Produces a Hologram of someone to distract
people (2) when people are near sensors will detect and
blow up the devices.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Tactical Shoes
Catalog Number: RE-136896
Danger Level: 7
Secrets: (1) A sticky substance comes out to enable
climbing on anything (2) Mini bombs roll out of the lances
if being chased (3) A NAA-22LR Mini-Revolver slides out
the heel of the shoe (4) Shanks pop out the sides to shank
people (5) Mini Flame-Throwers come out roast things

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Pen Nuke
Catalog Number: HL-676767
Danger Level: 10+
Secrets: (1)Mini H-bomb concealed in a standard
ball-point pen as a last resort.

March 15, 2017 by Harry B., age Classified
Name – Legoom
Catalog number – 1-069
Secrets (1) The legoom is like lego except that when you
add water to whatever you built it then becomes real. The
more water you add the bigger it gets.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – Translator
Catalog number – 1-035
Secrets(2) (1)The translator can translate any language
and help you speak it. (2) It also lets you speak to animals.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – Zapper
Catalog Number – 1-392
Danger Level – 6
Secrets(4) (1) The Zapper is a briefcase that can only be
opened with a password and a retinal scan. If you get the
password wrong or the retinal scan thinks your not the
person knockout gas will be released and it will knockout
the intruder for a long time. (2) If you press a small button
at the side then the briefcase will strap to your arm and
turn into shield capable of withstanding temperatures up
to 5000 C or -5000C and nearly impenetrable. (3) If you
open up the bottom of the inside then you will find a bow
and arrow ready to fire. Your enemy will be surprised to
see you with rubber arrows but will be shocked when you
shoot them with it. (4) If the bow and arrow are in the
briefcase when you change it to a shield the bow will
change into a sword ready to help you fight.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – Rocket Boots
Catalog Number – 1-835
Danger Level – 4
Secrets(3) (1) Rocket boots let you run faster and jump
higher than you normally would. (2) If you click your heels
twice rocket boosters engage letting you fly. (3)If you click
your heels three times then they pop out wheels and
booster rockets and let you speed away.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – Camo suit
Catalog Number – 1-382
Danger Level – 1
Secrets(2) (1) The camo suit can copy anyones body,face
and clothes into an exact replica. (2) It can also be use to
make yourself invisible.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – BOOMerang
Catalog Number – 1-389
Danger Level – 10
Secrets(1) This seemingly ordinary boomerang is not very
fun to play with if it’s been primed. After choosing how big
the explosion will be and how many times it gets hit until it
explodes just throw and it will do the rest.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – Marboom
Catalog Number – HB-012
Danger Level – 5
Secrets (1) When thrown it incases the object or person in
metal making them able to breath but not move.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – Hypnopaste
Catalog Number – 1-492
Danger Level – 4
Secrets (2) (1) When you put on Hypnopaste you
immediately have the power to hypnotize anyone who
looks at your teeth (2) It is amazing at getting rid of plaque
and makes your breath smell really nice.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – Harrmonigun
Catalog Number – 1-000
Danger Level – 6
Secrets (2) (1) The harrmonigun is a harmonica that can
shoot stun darts. (2) It can also take pictures.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – Laser Glasses
Catalog Number – 0-592
Danger Level – 10
Secrets (4) Are glasses that can (1) Be lasers (2) Have
X-ray vision (3) can see laser trip-wires (4) Can take

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – Strength suit
Catalog Number – 0-821
Danger Level – 10
Secrets (1) Hides under the user’s shirt and boosts their
strength, stamina, speed, agility, accuracy and durability.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – Asthma exploder
Catalog Number – 1-726
Danger Level – 10
Secrets (4) The asthma exploder has 4 different settings
(1) Smoke bomb (2) Flash grenade (3) Freeze mist
(makes anything that touches it weak and brittle. The mist
is in the container that you use to put the asthma inhalant
in. You spray it when you press the button) (4) Mind
control needle (your victim will be under your control for
ten minutes and then he or she will fall asleep) You
change the settings by twisting the top of the inhaler to the
different numbers on the top. Throw it if it is a bomb or
point and click if it is freeze mist or the mind control

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name – Notepad
Catalog Number – 1-234
Danger Level – 7
Secrets (7) (1) More for the younger agents, this notebook
is actually a iPad inside a notebook! (2) Each notepad
comes with its own personality. (3) The pads can connect
back to H.Q. and call in backup. (4) They can be used to
hack into computers and defences. (5) They also have
state of the art retinal recognition software so that only the
person who owns it can access it. (6) They can also shoot
out a microscopic needle capable of knocking out a fully
grown man. (7) It can also act as an E.M.P as a last resort
as that will drain its power for awhile.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Put a Ring on it
Catalog Number: RD-2005
Level of Damage: 10
(1)Can shoot out a knock out gas or poison gas
(2)If you click a little button on it makes multiple little rings
around your hand and makes them into brass knuckles
(3)You can video tape things when you click a small

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Watchet
Catalog Number: AP-12291
Level of Damage: 10
(1) Shoots out lasers.
(2) When you look at the watch, it hypnotizes you.
(3) When you click a button, a cat paw glove with sharp
nails wraps around your hand, and you can cut someone
with it.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Pocket Drone
Catalog Number: DP-1255
Level of Damage: 10
(1) Has a camera to spy with.
(2) Shoots mini poison darts out of camera.
(3) Wings are sharp like a knife and can cut through metal
(4) Is unbreakable.
(5) If it hits you it shocks you and can knock you out.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Explosive toothpastes
Catalog number: CNR-7y-11
Level of danger: 5
Secrets: It’s a small explosive material that you apply to
door locks, and small safes that will explode within 1 min.
after apply it. To use it you will remove the cap then
spread it on something that you would like to open.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Spy glasses
Catalog number: BL-1231-01-02
Level of danger: 8
Secrets: Pressing the red button on the side, it will shoot
poison darts out from tip of the glasses. Once hitting the
person anywhere on the body, they become paralyzed.
The glasses also provides x-ray abilities, allowing the
person to see through walls, doors or people.

March 15, 2017 by Cecilia., age Classified
Name: Spy fly
Catalog Number: 1-23 D4
Level of Danger: 6
Secrets: 1: The spy fly pretends to be a fly buzzing around the room but it
is really a camera 2: it can shoot little lasers that can take a person out for
almost four hours 3: it can hold up to 100 times its weight for 10 hours

Catalog Number: 4-OZ 410
Level of Danger: 9
Secrets: 1: the super speaker makes high pitched noises that a normal
person can not hear and can make you lose you hearing and make you
pass out for the next 3 days 2: can detect who is talking and can record
important information 3: can stick to the walls and forms legs and can walk

March 15, 2017 by Bahattin K., age Classified
Name: The Alive Backpack
Catalog Number: BAKTI-12-79
Level of Danger: 5
SECRETS: This backpack is enchanted with a magical orb
in the center of it. If the orb is destroyed, the backpack is
destroyed. This backpack is very loyal to its owner. If an
enemy tries to steal it, the backpack will grow arms and
will start slapping the enemy, repeatedly, until the enemy
surrendered. If the enemy is too ambitious on stealing, the
backpack will grow six arms and hug the enemy, very,
very, very, deadly tight. It will remain like that until its
owner orders it to let go. This backpack also provides
anything its owner wishes for. A Playstation 4? Say it and
the backpack will have it right inside it, out of the blue.

March 15, 2017 by Ava K., age Classified
Name: Multi watch
Catalog Number: AZ- 1926
Level of danger: 10
Secrets: If you press the top button you can zoom in on
something and you can see the x-ray.If you press the left
button a bullet will shoot out and aim straight for the head.
The button on the right a tracker will come out and stick to
the object and you can see where it’s going on the watch.
Also, if you tap the screen it will tell you the time and if you
tap it twice you can control your car. Also, the watch can
be in any shape, size and color.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Falconeye Glasses
Catalog Number: 0.2-AS-00010001-8-15
Danger Level: 8
Secrets: 1 Made completely of bullet-proof materials. 2 Lets you see
farther and better. 4 It can take pictures. 5 It can zoom in to take
better looks at things from a safe distance. 6 It can record videos. 7 It
instantly uploads everything you see to the Head Quarter’s mega
computers. 8 It has night vision. 9 It comes with a lantern. 10 Shows
any kind of invisible ink. 11 Lets you look through any material with no
exceptions. 12 Very comfortable. Can reproduce videos inside the
glass or show them on something like a table or a wall. 13 To be able
to use them the glasses will scan your eyes and if the glasses don’t
recognize the eye they will insert a corrosive acid into the brain. 14
They can shoot mini darts made with nanotechnology full of poison
from a golden poison frog. 15 When the spy is not in a mission the
glasses will look like a pair Rudy Project Airblast.

March 15, 2017 by Top Secret, age Classified
Name: Multi Purpose Hypermotorcycle
Catalog Number: 0.1-AS-00010001-10-9
Danger Level: 10
Secrets: 1 Made completely of bullet-proof materials. 2 Hidden
flamethrowers on both sides. 3 Customized rocket powered motor
that can reach amazing speeds of more than 1,500 kilometers per
hour. 4 The motorcycle can be compacted to be as big as a suitcase. 5
It has the newest technology in camouflage making it be able to turn
invisible. 6 It also comes with a bulletproof suit with the same
camouflage and an exoskeleton to make stronger, faster and more
agile. 7 If the spy needs to go on airplane the motorcycle has a chip
that will hack the machine making the spy be able to travel in a plane
with it. 8 If the spy isn’t in any secret mission the motorcycle will look
like a MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K. 9 This motorcycle also has an
auto-destruct option that can be regulated from just stop working to
an explosion capable of destroying the whole planet.

March 9, 2017 by dlop7435, age 11
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Star Hook
Gadget/Weapon Description: Catalog Number: 7
Level of Danger: 7.5
Secrets: It can hook and diffuse to explode.

February 23, 2017 by Mr. Taylor (SHAPE Belgium), age 16+
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Attack Stapler
Gadget/Weapon Description: NAME: Attack Stapler
Catalog Number: XJ-424242
Level of Danger: 8
Secrets: 1) satellite phone; 2) stun gun; 3) gummibear dispenser; 4) staples papers neat and orderly

February 21, 2017 by Ashe3969, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Apple
Catalog Number: 035107892
Level of Danger: 8
Secrets: 1) not edible 2) explodes when it hits a solid not including your hand
This apple is not edible so please don’t try to eat it. It can explode the hardest surfaces
and softest. Don’t be close to the bomb when it explodes or else you will go with it.


February 21, 2017 by cemm9674, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Goggles
Catalog Number: 420
Level of Danger: 4
Secrets: 1. Shoots missiles with a deafening explosion, but not able to kill.
2. Allows x-ray vision to whom is possessing this item
3. Allows breathing underwater to whom is possessing this item
4. Tracks nearby enemies in a close range.
5. Essential to certain missions and environments.

February 21, 2017 by kric4899, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: The Unknown Ruler
Catalog Number:10998
Level of Danger:8/10
Secrets:1)turns into a bomb  2)can shock or taze someone  3)can turn into a gun and shoot bullets, darts, and spy cameras. If you drop the ruler and press the blue button is will blow up. If someone is trying to attack you then slap in on the person’s wrist and it will shock or taze them. If you push the red button then it will turn into a gun and it can shoot bullets, darts, and spy camera’s.


February 21, 2017 by Kmos8622, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Water Bottle
Catalog Number: 109324561
Level of Danger: 8
Secrets: 1) holds water  2) turns into phone  3) blows up  The Water Bottle holds water. It is smaller and will not leak. If you spin the bottom it comes off and turns into a phone. If you push the asterisks* on the button and hold it down for 4 seconds and throw it at the target, it will blow up. Everyone around it will severely be hurt or killed in its path. If you drop the water bottle run just in case.The phone can text, call, blow up, and send a signal to headquarters if you are it trouble. The cap of the Water Bottle can come off and a little piece of the water bottle has a pocket knife. If someone takes the water bottle, say a special word that you can program it to blow up.


February 21, 2017 by Kmos8622, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Suicide Soap
Catalog Number: 274582529
Level of Danger:8
Secrets: This Suicide Soap contains soap, but the soap is poisonous. If you wash your hands with it and have a open scar, and it gets into your blood you will be very likely to die in less than a minute. If you don’t have any open scars you hands will start to swell up and and your hands will be in so much pain you are not able to do anything. If you click on a special button that is on the bottom of the soap, acid will spread in the direction the head of the soap is pointing.This gadget is very useful to give or put in your enemy’s houses and you can carry it around in your purse.


February 21, 2017 by sste4496, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: The unmeltable crayon
Catalog Number:NT/10R009
Level of Danger:9/10
Secrets: 1) It holds invisible foot powder allowing you to clear your tracks in 12 seconds it comes in a salt bag max 32 lb (fingerprints,footprints, hair.).  2)Contains a rope able to hold 300 pounds even under pressure. 3) A emergency aid kit will supply all your needs including a phone to call. 4) A stun gun which can last up to 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on the mode. 5) A grenade with 2 the power and following smoke mask depending on the mode. 6) Containing a pistol that shoots out a grey laser almost invisible solar powered last up to a full 12 hour charge.

This crayon may not look dangerous but you are mistaken this isn’t called the unmeltable
crayon for no reason. This crayon is practically invisible, It can withstand temperatures above 1,000,000,000 Degrees Fahrenheit above and below. This is the best place for school books. It is also bomb proof, fire proof, water proof, and even germ proof, just don’t use the tissues supplied in there. In order to open and activate you have have to press the tip and put in the code and it opens to get what you want.It will quickly open up into almost a briefcase like for shelfs with everything listed above including 20 extra darts for the stun gun. It also contains extra storage. Best tool ever!!!


February 21, 2017 by Llam3552, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Blare Sword
Catalog Number:144725583669
Level of Danger:8
Secrets:The Blare Sword can be a sword and also if you press the red button, it will shoot blare flames which are blue.Then, if you press the blue button it will transform into a multi-tool pocket knife but, if still does the same thing as the sword.


February 21, 2017 by kost5314, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: PSG
Catalog Number: 6
Level of Danger: 10 out of 10
Secrets: When you press the button on the pen it turns into a sword. On that sword there is a tiny switch on the bottom and that turns into a sniper. ( And the pen actually works )


February 21, 2017 by Kwoo9189, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Orange
Catalog Number:9085730940
Level of Danger:9/10
Secrets: 1)Explosive orange 2)Can video call 3)Explodes when touches floor  4)can blow up two buildings at the same times  5)can multiple up to 5 times  6) very deadly gadget.


February 21, 2017 by bfin2439, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Dagger/Sword
Catalog Number:13457810
Level of Danger:9
Secrets: 1) Can turn from a dagger into a sword   2) Can shoot laser beams-from the bottom of the dagger/sword   3) Can shoot a charged blast from the bottom of the dagger/sword   4) Can throw it and then it will come back to you Most of it comes from several buttons on the handle


February 21, 2017 by awin1451, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: X ray 2,000
Catalog Number: 022000342
Level of Danger: 4/10
Secrets: X ray vision can only see through objects (no human/ animals).I think this would be great for a spy to use so they can see if there is a bomb or a special object somewhere. It would be easier to know where things are, and much quicker to get in and out on a special mission.


February 21, 2017 by skit8744, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Samsung
Catalog Number:084358210
Level of Danger:8
Secrets:1) Tracker  2) Taser  3) Calls people  4) Prints  5) Prints bubble gum that can blow up
This Samsung has 5 folders on the main page, the first folder is the tracker. The tracker can track any person by putting their social security number into the phone. In the second folder is the taser and once the taser hits someone, that person will be passed out for three hours. The third thing is, of course it can call people it’s a phone. The fourth thing is that it can print anything, but it can only print the size of the phone. The last thing it can do is it prints out bubble gum and once you throw it in 10 seconds it will blow up anything. Samsung!!!


February 21, 2017 by jaco9291, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Pick-lock
Catalog Number:7-111
Level of Danger:7
Secrets: 1) can pick locks 2) disables bombs 3) force field 4) 37 tools 5) indestructible folds in and out. Pick-Lock is a small sliver orb the size of a ping-pong ball. It can unfold into a small robot to disarm bombs, pick locks, and create force fields. It`s indestructible. 37 tools for cutting, building and medical uses. Has force fields for invisibility, can withstand category 5 winds, while inside you can see through walls, and works by voice command.


February 21, 2017 by Gros4797, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: The Triple Razor Blade Xl
Catalog Number:046369728
Level of Danger:7
Secrets: The sword has a button on the handle on it and you press it two more swords come out of it. The sword it self has edges which can cut through anything!!!


February 21, 2017 by nand6411, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Blush
Catalog Number:4765348792
Level of Danger:8
Secrets: 1)You blow it on someone and burns your skin 2)The mirror can identify people
3)There is a button on the side of it if you click it it will go back to normal blush


February 21, 2017 by jsor3092, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: “Super-Crime-Fighting-Bad-Guy-Distractor”
Catalog Number: 62442
Level of Danger: 2
Secrets: This device utilizes electromagnetic radiation within the visible spectrum (possibly produced via light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) in order to confound enemies. This is caused when one merely utilizes the simple on/off switch. At a healthy level of energy, the gadget blinks bright blue, howbeit, in the case of the apparatus losing power, it will flash red. Do not procrastinate; as soon as it is no longer functioning, excoriate it’s batteries and replace them. Future models may magnify sound, as well, however, it is unknown when.


February 21, 2017 by ncec5071, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: “The Marker”
Catalog Number: 2-1
Level of Danger: 10
Secrets: Whatever you draw, becomes real


February 21, 2017 by ncec5071, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Broccoli
Catalog Number: 534-1
Level of Danger: 8
Secrets: 1)Poison, 2)Really Hot


February 21, 2017 by elar1278, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: the flash pen
Catalog Number: E-780999742
Level of Danger:8
Secrets: 1) people forget their memory   2)stun dart   3)toxic gas   4)Knockout dart   5) it can write in poisonous ink   6) it can write normal ink   7) shots mini bullets.  The oh really is there because the o is a button press it once and the people in front of you lose there memory, press it twice and it shot stun-dart. Oh man is the o and a are button press the once and it makes a toxic gas, press it twice it twice and it shot a knockout dart which you, blow throw the place the pen comes out and it shots. Press the a button on oh man and it shots mini bullets. The way to use the pen is the same, press it twice and it has the poisonous ink.


February 21, 2017 by wpaw9501, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: mechanic fly
Catalog Number: 1-005
Level of Danger:9
Secrets: 1) poisonous bite  2) camera  3) bomb

February 21, 2017 by ngre9637, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Super Running Shoes
Catalog Number: 00129
Level of Danger: 1
Secrets: 1) Running Shoes- take the shoes on and don’t touch anything    2) Make you jump high- press the symbol on the back of the shoes  3) Make you run fast- press the symbol right on top of the shoelaces on both shoes.


February 21, 2017 by aatk1592, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: 曲がった
Catalog Number: 4-09 ( 死-苦)
Level of Danger: 10
1) No one is sure what this weapon can do.  2) A red aura is sometimes seen illuminating the scythe when certain people wield it.  The scythe is feared by all, but has great value among collectors. The words “made to kill” are engraved on the blade. The kanji for death is crudely carved into the hilt. The rising sun in shown above the blade. A curse is known to rest on this blade. Ancient scrolls say “Those who kill another with this blade, shall never be seen again.”


February 21, 2017 by tmcc5436, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Applefire
Catalog Number: 1-9048
Level of Danger: 5
Secrets: 1)turns any apple into fire-by thinking of what apple you want to turn into fire 2)when comes into contact with skin it explodes.


February 21, 2017 by jrol4098, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Boom Gum
Catalog Number: W-2049
Level of Danger: 10
Secrets: 1) Explode.   Chew it for 30 seconds then stick it on something the you better run away and be prepared for an explosion.


February 21, 2017 by gluc5187, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: X-Ray Glasses
Catalog Number: 6-636
Level of Danger: 7-8
Secrets: 1) Look like normal sunglasses because the lenses are dark   2) Shoot lasers with generators placed in the temples   3) See like day during the night because the lenses absorb darkness    4) The X-Ray works because after a button is pushed, the lenses make you look through everything except metal or weapons and lasts for only five seconds   5) Can actually read minds because of telepathic radars hidden inside the temples


February 21, 2017 by hwom8451, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: The Bow of Truth – The invisible arrow of justice
Catalog Number: 207
Level of Danger: 9 1/2
Secrets: 1) The tip is poisonous  2) The arrows are invisible    3) The top detects danger
4) Laser  5) When you pull back the string and you have an invisible arrow.
When you pull back the string then an invisible arrow appears the tip is poisonous the top
of the bow has a danger detector the red button has a laser and the arrows are invisible.
This is a dangerous weapon for both sides because your aim has to be true or you will die
not your true target.


February 21, 2017 by cgon1881, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Pencinizer
Catalog Number: 0015
Level of Danger: 8/10
Secrets: 1) Not a pen – looks like one but really isn’t   2) Has lazers – Press third button starting from the bottom   3) Shoots bullets – Take off cap   4) Has a bomb-   5) Danger detector –   6) Shocker –


February 21, 2017 by imcl6604, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Scatterblaster
Catalog Number: 1-8529
Level of Danger: 10
Secrets: 1) Uses a special shell filled with plasma   2) Muzzle has holes to separate the bolt


February 21, 2017 by cgla5483, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: super shoes
Catalog Number: 1-5390
Level of Danger: 3/10
Secrets: 1) can fly  2) let down slippery goo   3)anti gravity so you can stand on ceilings and walls.  There is a specific button to make you go sky high. If you click another button goo comes out of the shoe. If you click another button you can walk on ceilings and walls


February 21, 2017 by aszw3282, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Gls 1020-x
Catalog Number: 2-3-10
Level of Danger: 8
Secrets: 1) Very quiet gun- shoots by touching nose part of glasses. 2) Scanner- show first and last name of the person that you are looking at. 3) Radar- you can see in everything that is close to you.  4) Secret camera- 4k camera on the right up corner of glasses. 5) Laser- it can destroy glass.


February 21, 2017 by skoh8301, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Endless bag
Catalog Number: 3125
Level of Danger: 4
Secrets:1) Impossibly Endless ( somehow it is endless)   2) Can hold anything and everything (weighs nothing you can fit anything in it)    3) is fireproof ( can not be lit on fire )   4) Can not be damaged neither can the stuff inside the bag ( the bag is protected
somehow and the stuff inside is protected too)


February 21, 2017 by dmoo3752, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Plague Pistol
Catalog Number: 45890-23
Level of Danger: 5
Secrets: 1) can shoot toxic syringes   2) can shoot antibiotic syringes   3) can be converted into stun gun    4) container for extra syringes on side of barrel    5) magazine holds 20 small syringes and 10 big.  Ash gray, this weapon can hold plastic medical syringes filled with viruses or medicine. It can be converted to a stun gun simply by loading electric charges instead of syringes. The toxins include cyanide, arsenic, and Black Widow and Brown Recluse venom. The healing syringes hold the counter for each of the venoms and poisons. The electric charges are 4,500 volts.


February 21, 2017 by awoo7821, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: The 20 Dollar Bill
Catalog Number: 0004
Level of Danger: 9/10
Secrets: 1) Indestructible  2) Remote controlled bomb   3) Camra  4) Death Bullets
5) Fingerprint recenasation  6) Remote controlled heat to the touch  7) Blinding light.
It can never be broken into any pieces it stays together even when the bomb inside explodes. The remote controlled bomb is like bluetooth to each other. It will take pictures of your enemy and sends it to a computer. The bullets come out of the face and shoot you in the face. It can scan your fingerprint and sends it to the same computer for the picture and it can tell where the enemy is right then and there. You can press a button on the remote controller and it will heat the dollar bill to over 1,000,00 degrees. The blinding light will blind your eyes permanently so you can never be a spy again.


February 21, 2017 by jsmi3166, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Nerd glass
Catalog Number:5083
Level of Danger: 7/10
Secrets: 1.)When worn you again all information 2.) Hidden camera lens 3.) Reads minds
4.) x-ray vision 5.) shoots bullets


February 21, 2017 by goli8406, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Trampo Jordans
Catalog Number:21
Level of Danger:6.0
Secrets:1)It can self-destruct if used incorrectly 2)This Gadget was named after a famous basketball player named Michael Jordan. They might look like normal shoes, but they are 59.9999% dangerous if it is incorrectly for example, if u have them on for 24 hours it will self-destruct.


February 21, 2017 by fazi9455, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Enemy detector drone
Catalog Number: 505-703
Level of Danger: 9
Secrets: 1) it can fly – it has a remote control in the wristwatch  2) it detects enemies – it has a camera   3) it throws bombs – there is a baton in the wristwatch   4) it has smaller drones – it has a compartment in it  5) it’s invisible in radars – it as special paint.


February 21, 2017 by mpin1953, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: miromera
Catalog Number: M-911
Level of Danger: 8
Secrets: 1)it has a camera  2)It has make up   3)It has a minigun  4)It is a bomb


February 21, 2017 by Pron0014, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Laser
Catalog Number: 000007
Level of Danger: 10
Secrets: Bomb, sword, shocks, parachute, freeze you, burn you, gun, it knows when you are
lying and it knows when you are telling the truth, it’s smart, if you click a button you can
disappear if you are holding it minimal 4 people.


February 21, 2017 by hgod9658, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Pencil Burn
Catalog Number:209
Level of Danger:8
Secrets: When you grab the pencil it will burn you in 15 seconds. When you grab the pencil it will burn you in 15 seconds, and you can not let go of the pencil until it melts all the way.


February 21, 2017 by sgai0868, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: TRUE BOMB
Catalog Number: 1034
Level of Danger: 10
Secrets: This bomb can help a secret agent can get through any wall in the world to get where he or she needs to go.This bomb was tested in Mary-Anne’s lab and this bomb can go through a 10 inch bank safe that’s why spies should carry this bomb with them.


February 21, 2017 by Mvan2924, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Super Shoes
Catalog Number:8-048
Level of Danger:10
Secrets:  1) Jump really high,  2) Fly,    3) Tiny bombs inside the shoes, 4) Make one invisible
There is a remote you have to use to get what you want. The remote is a little ball. When you say your name the remote will get bigger. You can use the shoes to sneak around, jump over someone, and you can fly to see or get to the roof. You can also use the bombs to blow things.


February 21, 2017 by Jtar8216, age: Top Secret
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Pay Cay
Catalog Number :1-123
Level of Danger :8
Secrets:money, (1)bomb, (2) camera, (3) you can take with it and (4)copy itself.  EX how to use it: If you are taking with a bad boy or girl you can give day money. Then you can go home and see what they are doing. Or give money to someone who can help you catch the people and you can take through the money. If you need more equipment to catch them. You can copy the money.


February 14, 2017 by Nate V., age 9
Name of Gadget/Weapon: Cloaking Device
Gadget/Weapon Description: a handheld device that can cloak anything within a certain range.

February 15, 2017 by Isaiah V., age 10
Name of Gadget/Weapon: The shard
Gadget/Weapon Description: A nano tech device that can reform itself into many things. it is small and is about the size of a football, but is much skinnier. it can also induce small electrical shocks. it will malfunction if hit by a large EMP blast.